Salient features of allotment procedure


A Master database created in the year 1996 containing details of DAE employee, who applied for DAE pool of Departmental accommodation.


Every year in the month of February circular is issued, to submit the application for Departmental accommodation from those who are interested in fresh allotment, eligible for higher type of accommodation and require change in the same category within specified date.


After incorporating details of the applications in the database, Provisional Priority List for the ensuing allotment year is published in the mid of March.


Another circular is issued requesting to send discrepancy in the Provisional list, if any, within the specified date.


Discrepancy details submitted by the employees are entered in the database, the errors if any are incorporated and Final Priority List published in 2nd week of April.


Generally no request for addition/alterations in the Priority List is entertained once the Final Priority List is published except in case of transfer and also consequent upon the policy decision of the Department.


Applications for change of accommodation in the same category on medical ground are considered depending on the merit of the case. On medical grounds, generally only ground floor flats are considered.


Allotments are scheduled during last week of every month beginning from April to March of an allotment year.


Monthly allotment schedule containing details of allotment viz, Date, time, type and priority number of the employees called is issued on 15th of every month and also placed in the DCSEM web-site.


Category wise list of vacant flats with the status of the flats available for allotment are listed on the web-site two days before the schedule of allotment. Flats falling vacant after display of the list and notified prior to allotment date are included for allotment on the day of allotment.


After the allotment schedule, details of allotment (coverage) made during the month are published on the DCSEM web-site.


One month Licence fee is recovered from the employees as penalty in the event of the following:

  • An employee occupying lower type of accommodation, called for higher type and are not willing to move.
  • An employee having exercised the option but did not communicate the acceptance and collect the authority slip.
  • An employee after having occupied the higher type of accommodation surrenders the same immediately before the afternoon of the day following the date of occupation.

An official who is in receipt of allotment order is required to occupy the same within 8 days of allotment order failing which the allotment stands cancelled and he will not be called in the remaining period of allotment year and the penalty as prescribed above will be levied.


An official having occupied the allotted flat fail to handover the vacant position of the former flat before the close of the office hours on the day following date of occupation of the second flat will be levied licence fee at damage rate for the former flat for the entire period till the vacant possession is handed over in addition to the normal licence fee for the former flat from the date of its occupation.


Sl. No. Events Period of retention and conditions
01 Transfer 1. Two months at normal rate of licence fee. Beyond two months and upto a maximum period of 6 months will be allowed by the Estate Officer on specific request only on medical and educational grounds on a licence fee at double the flat rate.
02 Retirement/Superannuation/ Voluntary Retirement/ Compulsory Retirement 1. For a period of two months on payment of the normal licence fee; 2. extension will be allowed for the next two months on payment of four times of the normal licence fee and 3. extension for a further two months on payment of eight times of licence fee, in deserving cases (Maximum permissible duration of stay in departmental accommodation after retirement shall be Six Months only)
03 Death One year on normal flat rate of licence fee. Beyond one year, one more year on normal flat rate of licence fee on written request subject to the condition that the family does not own an accommodation at the place of posting, which includes the adjacent municipalities.
04 Resignation, Dismissal, Removal, Termination of service or Unauthorised absence without permission One month from the date the allottee ceased to be in service or one month from the date of unauthorized absence.
05. Foreign service in India. Two months on normal licence fee.
06. Foreign service outside India. Six months on normal licence fee.
07. Deputation outside India. Period of deputation but not exceeding six months.
08. Transfer to another station in India for commissioning a plant/reactor or for attending major maintenance work at Project of DAE. One year at normal licence fee on request supported by necessary justification from higher authorities.
09. Leave (other than leave on medical ground, maternity leave or study leave). Period of leave but not exceeding four months on normal licence fee.
10. Maternity Leave Period of maternity leave plus leave granted in continuation subject to a maximum of ________.
11. Study Leave Period of leave but not exceeding six months on normal licence fee.
12. Leave on medical ground. Full period of leave on normal licence fee.
13. Leave for assignments or for higher studies abroad (including EOL). Period of leave but not exceeding two years on normal licence fee against application in the prescribed form supported with copy of the sanction of leave. Licence fee and allied charges for the whole period of paid in advance.
14. Training. Full period of training on normal licence fee.